Thursday, April 30, 2009

And so our hero is on his way, but what awaits him???

When last we saw our hero he was biking on his way to the great National Scrapbooking Day sale at Jen Adkins Designs at Paperthreads. The question is, what will he find when he arrives...

dum, dum, dum (insert great dramatic music here!)

What's this I see? A new file? Packed full of classic comic book memorabilia?! Speech balloons, expressions, sound effects, and more?

Holy Toledo, Batman! We hope both our hero and the file make it to the store on time!

And that's not the end of our story, tune in tomorrow for the continuing adventures of (I don't know, I can't come up with a name for our hero...leave me a comment and make a suggestion...you might be featured in the next edition!)


  1. hahaha a paperthreads hero, lets see mr cutter, how about speedcutter. lol

  2. How about 'scrapper sam' - could be male or female then. He's able to leap across pages with a single cut, stronger than a piece of double sided tape, the apple of our eyelet - with his sidekick Brad (the metal kind not the actor kind). Hey, what do you expect on the spur of a moment:)

  3. Oh I like Elizabeth's Speedcutter!


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