Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogger improvements!

So, I'm not sure when and where I was sleeping, but I missed this before! You can now have replies your comments on your Blogger posts. Woo-hoo! It makes it so much easier to answer specific questions and the readers don't have to scroll all the way through every comment to see if it was ever answered. You can find out more in the step by step tutorial HERE.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wishy Washy about Washi?

So have you been bit by the Washi bug? Not sure what all the hype is about?
I know until recently the only places I saw Washi tape were in online scrapbooking stores. Then Tim Holtz had a line, but called it "Tissue Tape". Now, it's come more mainstream and you can find the Michael's "Recollections" brand "Craft Tape".

Here's a few of the rolls I picked up this week (they're regularly for $4.99 but 50% off this week so only $2.49 for the package). I photographed the back so you can see the UPC in case you're interested in calling your local store to check stock. The last pic shows the front so you know what the packaging looks like. I found mine on a special display near the front of the store (up by Martha's stuff).