Friday, November 26, 2010

Speedy sale!

I've been so busy catching a couple of great shopping deals this Black Friday that I totally forgot to set up some sales for YOU! That means we've just got time for a speedy sale. ALL of my files at Paperthreads will be 40% off on Saturday and Sunday, Nov 27 & 28.

But it gets even better...if you've been eying that Countdown to Christmas file, you've got to get moving! So to speed you on your way to completion I've marked it 60% off for the next two days as well. That means you can pick up that entire file collection for just $5.98! What a deal!

Did you see Sue's lovely creation?

Isn't it awesome? She is so speedy and does so much with love, you can just see it in her projects. Don't miss out on this, you can use all those files individually as well for cards, tags, and so much more.

BTW, I shop vicariously too, not such an adrenaline high, but still...
So...share you awesome finds this weekend in the comments below. I'll draw a winner from the comments on Monday to win my next file to the store (it's a great gift card holder, so perfect for this time of year).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Counting down the days...

What, you want to see more? Well, I'll link here as soon as everything gets set in the store, but here's the photo from the file...

(You can click to go to the file at Paperthreads!)

It's just what you need to make your own Countdown to Christmas Calendar! I've included 25 paper piecings you could use alone, the digital stamp for the retro quirky numbering, and the title. I've also got instructions to help you complete your own masterpiece!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sneaky, sneaky...

Whew, I'm so glad to be done with my part in my next file...now I just need to get it all done and up in my part of the store!
But what is it you might ask? Only me and a little "fishy" know right now...Want just a peek to pique your interest?

It's just a tiny part of the whole piece...stop back soon to see the rest!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some older things to "wrap up"!

I remember mentioning my project I needed to complete before the Baltimore Paperthreads Retreat...but don't think I ever actually shared pics of the completed project.

It was honestly the first sewing (other than knee patches and waist "take-ins") that I have done for some time!

I wanted to take my copic markers along on the trip with me, and have used a clear tupperware style box to travel with previously, but spent too much time sdigging through the box trying to find the color pairings I had available. I tried rubberbanding the groups of 3 "side-by-side" shades, but spent so much time unbanding and repacking. So, I decided to make a roll up marker wallet.

It looks much like a make-up brush roll, I just measured my markers and figured out how big it needed to be to hold 72 markers (24 sets of 3 color pair-up). I use a mixture of sketch and ciao pens, and wanteed both variations to fit in the same sized pouch. It's snug for three sketch, and a bit loose for 3 ciaaos. Here's just a peek as you unroll it. I wanted to make sure when it was rolled up that none of the markers could fall out, so folded it back over itself.

Once it's completely open, you can re-roll it inside out with the center tucked back out of the way. Now I have a roll that can stand up on the table in front of me...and is perfect for keeping all the colors in order!

I was even able to color in images on the plane this way!

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why does it always happen...

...that you never can catch them both looking at the camera, smiling, acting HUMAN, at the same time? Here's a few snaps from yesterday on Halloween. We have some other photos of carving the pumpkins, but that was in the basement and they're a bit dim. Here's some before getting into costume...see the mean monster on the left?

Okay great, now she's smiling...

She must have burped...or crossed "over the line"...(Don't you remember that from car trips...MOM, she touched me...she's on my side of the line!)

Isn't it time for trick-or-treat yet???

So, I decided just to take their pictures by themselves (and got great ones, HAH!)

Now where's the candy???

So, my daughter was a "fairy princess", Tinkerbelle, to be more accurate. I told her to smile for the camera...she thought for a moment...(btw, she was over the moon with her glittery purple pumpkin, er, I mean fairy dusted bucket)

and told me she knew EXACTLY how Tink should pose...

I have to admit it, I think she's got it! Check out the car decal below sold by the Diseystore.com .

Now, her brother...well, you know he's a Star Wars addict. He dressed as a Jedi knight. I think he finally decided he was Obi-wan.

Thanks for stopping by!