Monday, November 1, 2010

Why does it always happen...

...that you never can catch them both looking at the camera, smiling, acting HUMAN, at the same time? Here's a few snaps from yesterday on Halloween. We have some other photos of carving the pumpkins, but that was in the basement and they're a bit dim. Here's some before getting into costume...see the mean monster on the left?

Okay great, now she's smiling...

She must have burped...or crossed "over the line"...(Don't you remember that from car trips...MOM, she touched me...she's on my side of the line!)

Isn't it time for trick-or-treat yet???

So, I decided just to take their pictures by themselves (and got great ones, HAH!)

Now where's the candy???

So, my daughter was a "fairy princess", Tinkerbelle, to be more accurate. I told her to smile for the camera...she thought for a moment...(btw, she was over the moon with her glittery purple pumpkin, er, I mean fairy dusted bucket)

and told me she knew EXACTLY how Tink should pose...

I have to admit it, I think she's got it! Check out the car decal below sold by the Diseystore.com .

Now, her brother...well, you know he's a Star Wars addict. He dressed as a Jedi knight. I think he finally decided he was Obi-wan.

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  1. They are adorable! Cute pics.

  2. Very cute--I remember my son having a Jedi costume, that's an oldie but goodie--and one year I made my DD a little mermaid costume--she was soooo cute! I love the cute costumes over the scary ones--and the picture taking doesn't get better as they get older!

  3. Ah Jen...they are growing up right before my eyes! You'll have to crop the pictures of the good one of your son and the good one of your daughter and meld them together!! It's the only way to get one good picture!!

  4. I totally remember the days of trying to get good pics of both kids together!! Your individual ones look GREAT

  5. Sue aka barracudasueNovember 1, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    Adorable pictures, Jen! LOVE that you couldn't get them both to behave together so you got them individually! TOO FUNNY! Great costumes!

  6. Your kids are adorable! The photos turned out great.


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