Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some older things to "wrap up"!

I remember mentioning my project I needed to complete before the Baltimore Paperthreads Retreat...but don't think I ever actually shared pics of the completed project.

It was honestly the first sewing (other than knee patches and waist "take-ins") that I have done for some time!

I wanted to take my copic markers along on the trip with me, and have used a clear tupperware style box to travel with previously, but spent too much time sdigging through the box trying to find the color pairings I had available. I tried rubberbanding the groups of 3 "side-by-side" shades, but spent so much time unbanding and repacking. So, I decided to make a roll up marker wallet.

It looks much like a make-up brush roll, I just measured my markers and figured out how big it needed to be to hold 72 markers (24 sets of 3 color pair-up). I use a mixture of sketch and ciao pens, and wanteed both variations to fit in the same sized pouch. It's snug for three sketch, and a bit loose for 3 ciaaos. Here's just a peek as you unroll it. I wanted to make sure when it was rolled up that none of the markers could fall out, so folded it back over itself.

Once it's completely open, you can re-roll it inside out with the center tucked back out of the way. Now I have a roll that can stand up on the table in front of me...and is perfect for keeping all the colors in order!

I was even able to color in images on the plane this way!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very cute! I need to make me something like that. I'll just add it to my long, long list of things I want to do!

  2. You should market this!!! I bet there are a lot of people out there that would like one so that traveling would be made easy!!
    aka jlwclanfam

  3. Sue aka barracudasueNovember 10, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    You're a genius, Jen! How cool is this! WTG!!!!!! I love, love, LOVE it!

  4. What a great idea!!! Just awesome!!!

  5. Love it Jen! Great idea!


  6. Great idea Jen! I was thinking of a way to store my markers and I like to take them to other places of the house too.

  7. This is an awesome idea. I wish I knew how to sew and make myself one of those :)

  8. Oh my goodness! This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing this idea. :)

  9. What a great idea! Love the execution and function of your marker roll and it's pretty, too!

    Alison (Let's Pea!)

  10. This is a cute and stylish way to carry your markers.


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