Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blogger improvements!

So, I'm not sure when and where I was sleeping, but I missed this before! You can now have replies your comments on your Blogger posts. Woo-hoo! It makes it so much easier to answer specific questions and the readers don't have to scroll all the way through every comment to see if it was ever answered. You can find out more in the step by step tutorial HERE.


  1. I like the new changes to blogger - I like how easy it is to see the statistic on your blog now (like how many visits/day, which posts is getting the most hits, etc). I hadn't noticed the reply to comments though - thanks for pointing it out.

    1. Really I'm only here to see how it looks when there is a "reply comment".

      I'll have to put that on my blog. Thanks for sharing, I'm still figuring out all the new updates.

    2. I'm not sure I like all the recent changes. For instance now I can't just click to "Publish" comments from my Blackberry email. I now have to pull up the blogger moderation page, select the post, and then approve it.

  2. I like the thought, but I hate that it requires you to have the embedded comments. I prefer the pop-outs. But, Blogger has definitely been making many changes for the better and I give that a thumbs-up!


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