Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I don't think I've shared this before.

If I have, please forgive me!
As the end of the school year approaches, I know some of you might be thinking about small gifts for your teachers. I wanted to show you a few pics of the little handmade gift we made for my son's teacher this year.

I simply went to Wordle and created an image with words about my DS's school. You can output it as a pdf, which I then opened up in illustrator and tweaked a little bit to fit the proportions I needed.

I then printed it onto a laser transparency on my laser printer. Of course if all you have is an inkjet you could print it off onto paper and then take it to a copy shop to put it onto transparency.

Cut the wordle out, roll it into a tube, and insert it into a bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer that you've removed the label from. I found these small bottles at Walgreens. They worked great because both the front and back labels peeled off easily with goo-gone and there was no print on the bottle itself. Smoosh the transparency against the front wall of the bottle, allow it to unroll, and that's it!

I added a little tag since all the package instructions were gone.


  1. What a cute idea!
    I'm a teacher, and we always love getting hand sanitizer - and what an adorable way to present it! :o)

  2. What a great teacher gift!! We use tons of hand sanitizer!!!


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