Friday, May 21, 2010

Everything in its place...

Part of my project this week has been trying to (re)discover all the cool stuff in my "stash". I have so many things, but once you have so much it's easy to let it become overwhelming!

I've wanted to create some kind of storage for all the inking sponges, holders, felt pads, and make-up sponges I use for inking. I found this cool (and CHEAP!) storage case at Hobby Lobby.

(the pic is linked to the online listing if you want more details)

I think it was with the crafting/beading storage, but I picked it up when it was 50% off (all storage) and it was only $1.99 to begin with!

It has nice small spaces to keep each of the colored sponges separately, and I could label them with my Dymo label maker. The only problem was that none of the spaces fit the handle/holder for my sponges or felts. The dividers are relatively tin, though and I was able to snip out a slot with a pair of heavy kitchen snips. The handle now rests in the groove I made.

So, what do you think? What's your recent "bargain" solution?


  1. I cleaned my craft room ONCE! Can't find anything since....ROFLOL

    Love your idea for neatness though. I'd be SO embarrassed if ANY of you saw MY room! Gosh, it's a disaster. I tripped over my cuttlebug this morning...:D

  2. This is a neat idea, especially if you go to crops.

  3. I use the similar ones to these that they sell at hardware stores. Or sometimes you can get storage type things at the dollar store. :) My whole scrap space is organized with shelves and boxes from the hardware store. I'll have to take some pictures to share. But first I need to clean up!

  4. I am totally overwhelmed with all the stuff in my stash. great storage idea!


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