Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's get organized!

Okay, so I admit it! (that's the first step, right?) My scrap room is disorganized! I am trying to get back on track so I can use my things again...and first of, I wanted to get the ends of my Copic ciao markers labeled. I created a pdf with the numbers of each marker (in pretty tiny font - about 8 pt) and tried playing around with what media to print it out onto.
My first try was on the Georgia Pacific Cardstock I plan to use for stamping...but the cap on the markers has a little bit of a "domed" shape to it and the cardstock just couldn't mold correctly.
Take two was a sheet of waterproof polyester label designed for the laser printer. Ugggh! First of all it left "shadows" all the way down the printout even with the printer set to "label" so the fuser would be hot. I figured I'd try punching them out anyway...well, that was strike two for the label...it didn't punch evenly, in fact it "stretched" and tore around the edges.
I decided to settle for plain ole printer paper. Punched out the 144 circles, and used tacky glue to apply to the ends of the caps. Now I tried to be consistent and glue to the cap at the chisel end of every marker...but nobody's perfect...I think I have 3 or 4 on the brush ends, oh well! I swiped across the paper circle with the marker itself, so I have a little bit of an idea what the color actually looks like. Not as perfect a match as on cardstock, but good enough for me!
Here's a close-up of the yummy Copic goodness...

I think I'll try storing the markers in this Magpie cabinet that I picked up earlier this year at Big Lots for $3. I found that cutting a sheet of 8.5 inch chipboard in half fit nicely at a diagonal to divide the box into two halves for different color families.

How about you? What's your first mini goal for the New Year?


  1. Would love to start organizing the craft stuff but the kitchen project has taken over our lives..lol. I like that box you are now using for your copics (they look nice in there) Getting all your markers labled was a job in it's self! they look great!!!

    So.... When you are all finished, I'm sure there are plenty who would love to have you organize their craft stuff... I'm first in line :)

  2. I love the way you organized your copics. I have something very close in mind and am waiting for my BF to make it :)
    I love how you labeled them, need to do that myself.

  3. Great idea!! And so worth the effort! My first mini goal was to neatly pack away our Christmas decorations and ditch the old stuff we haven't used in years (cheap glass ornaments). As of today, I can mark that task COMPLETE!

  4. makes me jealous I havent been able to buy copics yet waiting for a good coupon for joannes. I love your idea though

  5. My stash of crayolas suddenly seem so insignificant...

    This year, I'm going to get rid of my white walls. I think. No, I am. Really.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Those Magpie cabinets!!! $3!!!! SHUT UP!!!!

    You know me though - I love love love me some organization!!!

    Great Job!!


  7. I know Lori! What a steal, huh? They were at BL for $9 initially, then they got clearanced to 60% of, so I snapped up the last two they had for $3 aopiece. I had planned to make a file for drawers for the KNK...but never got around to it, now I don't need to, it fits the markers perfectly.


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