Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Card RAK

Okay, I finished my card (sending it for Aidan, too). Here's a look... I made my own Star Wars cardstock for the card base. Then I found some fonts for different Star Wars languages (Aurek-Besh, Yavin, and Episode 1) and typed "Awarded for Bravery" around the circle. Turned that into the center for a blue ribbon for the front and cut some gold glittery stock for the center of the new Jedi Order symbol.

I am not normally a "lumpy" card maker (oh, foo-ey! I'm not really a card maker at all!), but I HAD to make this one thick. I recreated the Medal of Yavin (SW Episode 1) and a medal with the Jedi symbol and printed them on inkjet Shrink film. They came out awesome!

I inked the back of the Yavin medal with Brillance gold ink to show through the lines I had created and give it some sparkle. I found lanyard hooks at Michael's in the jewelry section and put the shrunken pieces at the bottom. I want him to be able to use the "medals" as pulls on his jacket zipper.

Since the pulls were thicker, I created some cushioning (and the "ribbon" part of the medal) with a piece of foam board wrapped in blue paper to cover the raw edges and them a piece of blue fun foam to give it some extra space. I made a slit up the middle of each so the jacket pull could fit up inside it.

I printed a silk "pillow" to present the medals on.

Lastly, my man Aidan loves his Knock-Knock jokes and is always making up his own (they don't always make sense...but, oh well!). I made up one to be the verse inside my card...

To use the jacket pulls all he has to do is gently pull the medal piece out of the ribbon.


  1. Those medals look AWESOME! I never would have guessed that they were made from Shrink plastic.

  2. Fantastic job! My daughter is Stars Wars mad (she is 23) LOL and she would LOVE this card!

  3. Lol! My son would love this card!! Wonderful job!

  4. Who said you weren't a card maker. You put many to shame.

  5. Thanks for the love! I can't wait to send it on...I was just trying to complete a few others too!


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