Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday Wishes!

I realized things have been so hairy this last month that I never shared with you the pics of some things I did for my kiddos birthday party. They nearly share a birth "day", so we have their party together. That means trying to come up with party themes for a older boy and a younger girl.

My DD has been going on for the last few months about "Going to a party at the castle...", it's something her toy princess phone spouts frequently! My son has his own play castle (you may have seen pics HERE before). So...we opted to go with a castle themed party.

Now, you know I can't do much without involving a cutting file of some kind, right?! I'll share some pics of the pop-up invitation later. Here are photos of my DD's cupcakes.

You can see the top layer is a bunch of princess crowns, the lower layers are made of of little castles. Here's a close-up of one.

You can find the Castle Cupcake wrapper HERE at Paperthreads.

You can find the Crown Cupcake Wrapper HERE at Paperthreads.


  1. adorable! Does Bakerella know you make these neat wrappers??

  2. Those are so.stinking.cute! My dd would love these!! I will be checking out your store soon.

  3. Those are just adorable, love them!

  4. Just LOVE the crown wrappers!! but can't seem to find them in your store. Do you still have them available for purchase?


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