Thursday, July 30, 2009

10 little monkeys sleeping in her bed...

You know those little "loveys" for babies with tags and ribbon all around the edges? Well, my DD has this tendency to pick at threads and seams in things when she gets tired or fidgety. We've been going through some rough nights (lots of waking up crying about "bubbles" and "nightmares in my room"). She has a little stuffed animal which is her "magic sparkly cow" to make the bubbles stay away, but I decided something else was in order.

It's been soooooo long since I pulled out my sewing machine for anything other than sewing a patch on my DS's jeans or taking in the waist of my skinny kids' clothes! I found this adorable (and girly!) monkey fabric last month and picked up several rolls of patterned and different textured ribbons. I made this blanket as a throw or for her crib just by stitching two lengths of flannel (monkeys on the front and s batik style pattern in pink on the back) face to face after inserting an assortment of ribbons in the one edge seam. Now she has her own "big girl version" of a baby lovey. It makes a cute fringe for the top of the blanket too!


  1. Jen, that is a great idea! Your blanket came out so cute.

  2. Sue Shaff aka barracudasueJuly 30, 2009 at 2:46 PM

    Too cute, Jen! Love the colors. I'm sure your DD does, to!

  3. One of my girls was very attached to the satin binding around her baby blanket, she used to lug it around everywhere :) Gorgeous Monkey Blanket!!


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