Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth be with You!

So, have you heard the news??? Today is celebrated as "unofficial" Star Wars Day...get it? May the Fourth be with you? I know, cheesy to say the least!

But, there was actually an official link released earlier last month reporting that today, at 9:00 EST Lucas Arts would be revealing some majorly cool stuff about upcoming Star Wars projects. Of course, when I went to check it out, the site has crashed do to pure hit numbers. Now, supposedly the leaked info is that the entire series will be released as a Blue Ray set in the fall. This is so much more reasonable than the earlier theories that it would all be released as a 3D version. I mean, I know that they computer enhanced all the films when they came out on DVD, so theoretically adding 3D enhancements would not be impossible, but really? KWIM?

Well, since I can't hook you up with official Star Wars geek info, I thought I'd leave you with this cute little Lego Star Wars Video I found that basically summarizes the saga. Enjoy!


  1. So who is the Star Wars fan, your son or YOU? Fun video!

  2. Sue aka barracudasueMay 4, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    You totally crack me up!!!!! Thanks for the video! My son used to LOVE Star Wars but I think, at almost 40, he's outgrown it! ROFLOL

  3. I'll have to share this with hubby and son--both huge star wars geeks and Leggo fans.

  4. I have seen that video, way tooo cute. My son is a star wars fan :)


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