Friday, June 4, 2010

School is almost over...

My son had his end of the school year ice cream party today. He has 2 more days of Kindergarten left! Oh my, where did the time go?

Just wanted to share some pics of the card I made for his teacher. She's been such a blessing to us this year. Here's the front of the card. The image is a combination of elements from CC Designs. It's actually the Autumn Trevor with the apple and basket from Apple Emma. I just wanted an apple for the teacher and this little guy has his hair sticking up, just like my son's double cowlicks! I just stamped the images, scanned them, then used photoshop to combine the parts I needed.

Now, of course, there has to be a cutter element, LOL! I took the scans, and created the cut lines for the pieces of clothing (sweater and jeans) as well as the apple he's holding. It's actually my first "paper piecing", I think. Printed out the outline (scanned) on the patterned paper, then cut on my KNK. I just love the K&CO denim paper, it looks so real! I popped the apple out in his hand with some small pop-dots. The rest of the image is colored with my Copics...I know, I can't remember the colors right now...I was coloring in the middle of the night, bear with me...I'll try to update later (they're all in the mug in my room, somewhere, LOL!)

Now for the inside; I made a pop-up card. It folds completely flat for shipping, but pops up to show 2 different layers. It was perfect for holding a gift card to the bookstore. I had room on the bottom for my son to write a short note to his teacher, and made my first "kinetic tag" to hide a note from me to her as well.

I put up a side view too, so you can see the layering and the tag pulled out at the right.

Since it was a little thicker (because of the pop-dots), I made a kind-of box-like envelope. Basically I used the Martha Stewart scoring board, and formed two creases (1/8 inch apart) along each side to act as "sides" to the box.

Sealed with a printed apple (from Microsoft clipart, I believe) punched with a scallop punch, signed, and delivered! Enjoy!


  1. So cute! I love the inside of the card!!

  2. I wish I was the teaching getting this :). This is fabulous.Love the paper piecing.

  3. WOW!!! That is a superb card - so much love and effort has gone into it with a brilliant result! Your son's teacher will be one very proud lady :)

  4. I adore your card, Jen! It's absolutely PERFECT!

  5. Great card, I'm sure she will love it. I love the idea of his note and yours on the pull out tag. Would have never thought of that in a card.

  6. What a beautifully made card!! Your son's teacher will be just thrilled to receive this one! I love it.

  7. That is a fabulous card! Love the pop-up element!!!

  8. Your card has it all! Pop ups, gift card holder, room for notes from you and your son ... perfect!

  9. That's a stunning card. I am sure your son's teacher loved it.

  10. Wow Jen! How terrific! So many awesome elements. I love the popped up apple! The inside is terrific and I love his handwritten note. She will cherish this card!!

  11. How very fun and cute. I'm sure the teacher loved it.


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