Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Die Cuts With a View stacks!

I know, I know...repeat after me...I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE SCRAPBOOKING PAPER!

Did it work for you? Nah, me neither! I was at Michael's today and happened to see several new stacks from DCWV (which aren't listed on their website yet), so I thought I'd share some cell-phone pics with you.

First is one for those of you "keeping the family tree". It's mostly sepia/aged colors, with some almost "pre-done" pages to make for some quick heritage scrapping.

Next is a cheery stack with the "new thing", birds.

Which brings us back to school time...and time to "hit the books". Again the colors are aged, kind of shabby chic goes to college.

Ephemera lovers watch out! This stacks already got your altered antiques...

I'm not sure what "Ciao Bella" has to do with the birds, but they are kind of cute. I think they are rather large, however, and would be best if you were a one photo/cluster scrapper.

The last stack takes you back in time again...this one reminds me of toile.


  1. I was at Joaan's last night they had a couple of different one from these too. I tried the 'I don't need anymore paper, I don't need anymore paper...' but of course I had a coupon and the rest is history. My hubby just shook his head.

  2. LOL....looks like you restocked your stash. :)

  3. WOW, looks like I need to take a trip to michaels..oh wait, i do NOT need any more paper...lol

  4. Oooooh! Thank you for showing those! I'm on a shopping freeze and can't even go to Michael's so seeing the pretties on the web is all I get.

  5. I was at Michaels last week and saw these. Can you believe I didn't get one. Mind you I didn't have a coupon, or who knows.

  6. ooh, nice! i love the hitting the books and songbird stacks! cuteness!

  7. Love those stacks. I have the last 3, but now I must go get the others!! Songbird so cute....I don't even try to fight the urge anymore, LOL


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