Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If I were a centenarian...

Okay, so it's not been one-hundred years, but I finally really sewed on my new machine and I had to share with you!

My son has his "Hundredth Day Party" tomorrow at school and was instructed to dress like he was 100 years old. Now, truth be told, he told me that meant he should dress like a skeleton...because "people don't live that long". We talked a bit and decided on a little crafting project.

I'm not sure if you know how hard it is to find long sleeve, plain white t-shirts this time of year...I mean geesh, you'd think it was winter or something, but there were very few to be found anywhere; I snagged one hiding behind some swim trunks.

I ironed Heat n Bond lite onto the back of some woven cotton I pickled up from Hobby Lobby and cut out a tie shape. You'll just have to trust me here...I forgot to take pics along the way, last minute crafting you know!  :) The tie got ironed on the t-shirt, and I zig-zagged around it to finish the edges. "Old man" shirt and tie, done!

He needed something to hold up his drawers, so I made a pair of suspenders from some left over "tie" fabric, a yard of elastic, and a pair of mitten clips from the clearance bin (hiding under the flip flop display, lol!).


  1. That turned out great, Jen! Super cute.

  2. Cute! Hope he is OK with being 100 and all. LOL! Some winter things are non existent, spring and summer everywhere, wait until is gets cold again.

  3. Well, please let your son know that people DO live 100 years---because my Grandfather did! He was born in 1893 and unfortunately passed away a few months after his 100th BD. His 100th BD party was a huge success, over 300 people and he KNEW all of them--some of them I had no idea who they were! He was sharp and clear and walking. His favorite dress? Long pants, a checked shirt with bolo tie and of course suspenders. He had "wintered" in Texas (being from MN) and thought the bolo tie was more comfortable then a regular tie. He also liked wearing his veteran's cap--he served in the Calvary in WWI!

  4. So cute! You just have me a faboo idea, I'm going to do a tie on a onesie! I was going to do asn iron on, but applique wil be much more durable!


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