Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's very big, it's very big, it's very biiiiiiig!

So I'm not really sure how I came across this funky, sometimes irreverent, fun kids classical music CD collection, Beethoven's Wig. I just have to say I've been listening for hours to samples online now and, I'm hooked!

Check out their homepage!

Each CD seems to have the first half with the classics overlaid with satirical, cute, dare I say it, educational lyrics. Then the second part of the CD just has the orchestral score. Seems like a great way to get the kids into the "old stuff". We;ve never really had a problem, my DS loves listening to classical music more than most "current" music...what about your experiences?

(It reminds me of Alan Sherman and Al Yanchovic, too!)

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  1. I ran across Beethoven's Wig while on a plane once (it was playing on one of the radio channels). The one that stuck with me was "Please... don't play... your violin at night!" I love the idea. I should get the CD for our kids.


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