Thursday, May 15, 2008

Northward bound!

Squamish inhabitants of the park were the first people encountered by Captain George Vancouver when he explored the area in 1792. Stanley Park is a 404.9 hectare (1,000 acre) urban park bordering downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest city-owned park in Canada and the third largest in North America. On 27 September 1888 the park was officially opened, where it was named after Lord Stanley, Governor General of Canada at the time. Stanley Park contains numerous natural and man-made attractions that lure visitors to the park. Unlike other large urban parks, Stanley Park is not the product of a landscape architect, but has evolved into its present, mixed-use configuration. The death of the distinctive fir tree atop Siwash Rock has also been memorialized with a replacement. The original died in the dry summer of 1965, and through the persistent efforts of park staff, a replacement finally took root in 1968.

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