Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mini Tutorial for "Skew" in Inkscape

So I had a question regarding the font I used for my Monogram Tutorial for Inkscape in the December Paperthreads Newsletter. I wanted to try and answer it here and give a little tutorial as well. The font I used was "Renaissance". I simply typed the letter "A". Then while your letter is selected go to OBJECT>TRANSFORM (or use SHIFT+CTRL+M) then go to the "Skew" tab. In this case I chose a skew of 30 degrees. This makes the letter stand more upright instead of being "italic" or slanted. Choose Apply and close the pop-up window. Don't forget to then go to PATH>OBJECT TO PATH to get your outline. I also then chose to "thicken" the font by going to PATH>OFFSET.

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